10 Things My Daughter Has Taught Me (So Far)

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I read. Alot. And one of the things I had read while pregnant was that during a woman’s pregnancy her brain is being rewired to be more maternal. Initially this completely freaked me out. But think about it ladies… you have this new little life that is being grown inside you and nature wants to provide this little being with the best possible chance and protection and who better than their mother? So yes, of course nature develops a way to start this out. Still… creepy.

Even so, as everyone who has them knows, kids are a learning experience. Nobody goes into this and comes out the same person as they started out. And the changes happen almost right away. I learn new little things every day that I’m with Little Lass but there have been some big lessons to. Here are the current 10 things that my daughter has taught me so far:

  1. I can make plans all I want. But I shouldn’t count on all of them working out.
  2. No matter what she’s getting into her smile will wipe away any frustration I may have in a snap.
  3. Anything and everything looks edible to her right now. There’s no stopping it unless I hide things.
  4. She will change her mind from day to day. If she likes something today she may not like it tomorrow.
  5. She does cry but it’s nothing I can’t fix most of the time.
  6. Baby cuddles and kisses aren’t topped by anything except one thing…
  7. And that’s baby laughs.
  8. That a woman who can barely pick up dog poop during a walk won’t necessarily have the same reaction to baby poop.
  9. Baby spit up? Not exactly what I expected.
  10. That what I take for granted for her is completely new and amazing and I should cherish each discovery. She only stays so small for so long.

I can’t wait to see what else she teaches me.

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