Adultitis Should No Longer Be My Thing

A year or so ago my work place did a retreat/meeting and the key note speaker was Jason Kotecki of Escape Adulthood. Unfortunately for me I missed out on the actual talk since I was needed in my role of Resident Geek. So I did the next best thing and picked up the book There’s An Adult In My Soup.

It’s a quick read with each section being just a couple of pages. But it tackled a few topics about modern life and how we adults live it (or don’t as the case may be). It also gave me a few things to mull over.

  1. We live every day going to work. How many of us are doing something we really enjoy though? How many of us are just doing what’s expected and easy and not what calls to our soul and interests?
  2. Where, exactly, did we get the idea that that’s the way life had to be in order to be responsible adults? Does it have to stay that way once you realize the trap you’ve fallen into?
  3. Why isn’t it okay to play for a living? And by play we can include any thing that gives us joy. I love to code, I love to make web sites work and I adore social media and the way it affects the rest of the work I do. But nothing says I have to have a job that makes me miserable to do all those things, or that do any of those things I have to exclude the other elements I find joy in.
  4. The role model I want to be for Little Lass. Why can’t it be a woman who finds joy and creativity in her every day life and laughs at the same time as being able to pay the bills and take care of her family?
  5. Who says that reaching Adulthood means you have to forget the dreams and ideas that give you excitement because it’s not what society expects from Adults?
  6. And how do you fix it and change it? Build the life you want for yourself and those you love?

I know. I know I’m currently speaking from a place of frustration tinged with… well… more frustration. But they’re honest and worthy questions and considerations. Somehow the daughter of a man who will put on a full outfit made completely out of Minion cloth (Yes, the Despicable Me Minions. No I’m not certain where he found the whole get up and I haven’t asked.) and run around a mall in Vegas has found herself stuck in the realm of this Adultitis that the Kotekis speak of.

She desperately wants out, and she’s motivated. Someone should probably duck, I’m just not sure who yet.

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