All That and a Box of Ammo

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I am a goddess among women. Or at least the men at the outdoors show earlier this week think so. Little Lass and I joined Flyboy at the show and walked up and down the aisles and looked around. He’s in the middle of updating his fishing tackle box for the year and this was the show to pick up a bunch of the things he needed.

We’d walk a little ways and then he’d stop to chat with someone, look at a product, and ask questions. Little Lass and I would hang back and wait, or I’d leave him with the stroller nearby and I’d go a couple of tables down and take a look at something. Then I’d play with Little Lass a bit, feed her snacks and keep her entertained until he was done. This, apparently, is not what the men at this show were used to seeing.

To hear them talk every woman that has a baby suddenly stops being fun and then sucks all the fun out of their husbands lives. In other words marrying a woman that doesn’t appreciate your interests is a wrong move. If you do find the right woman having a baby is the kiss of death. When one of the guys hinted at that I actually laughed at him and Flyboy just smiled. He of all people knows that nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the two of us and it very wasn’t even an inkling in my mind to change anything.

Look my husband is a fantastic man. He deserves to have the things he enjoys around. In his case that would be shooting his guns, walking his dog and riding his motorcycle. I know that some women who are married to men with hobbies that have a dangerous tinge to them get really worried once children come into the picture. Why let your man take unnecessary risks which may leave him injured and/or no longer in the picture? I get that. I really do. And if I really was to push that on him Flyboy would give up anything to make sure I’m happy and feeling secure. My take on that is that if it’s his time to go, if fate has decided that at that very moment he has done all that he had to do in this world, it won’t matter what he’s doing it’s going to happen. Why in the world would I want him to play it safe and possibly be bored and resentful of me? Life is too short to not have some fun every day if possible.

And if I’m going to be totally honest? Umm… those motorcycle leathers aren’t exactly nothing to look at. If that makes me a goddess among women to Minnesotan sportsmen then…. GO ME!

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