Entering Paleo Land

Early last month Flyboy came home from work and stated, “I’d like to start the Paleo Diet.”

Now we’ve had our run-ins with diets before. We’ve discussed them, started them, and even bought everything for them but never even tried them. We’ve always had the best of intentions, every person who tries a diet does. But this time around the look on his face told me Flyboy was serious. He wanted to make a change and he knew how he wanted to do it. So of course my answer was “Okay, I’ll join you.”

We decided that we would give ourselves the rest of the month to get ready for the change. It would give us a chance to do more research, outline our own rules for it, and establish we were really going to do it. And on November 1st we started out first day.

We’re now 22 days in. In those 22 days I have:

  • Kicked my soda habit.
  • Stopped adding milk to my cup of coffee a morning and either leave it black or add just almond milk.
  • Eaten more eggs than I ever thought I could in one day.
  • Spent more time in the kitchen in one week than I’ve been known to spend in a month.
  • Lost 4 pounds without adding exercise yet.

I have also decided that I need to start a Paleo Journal on this blog so that others that on this journey or are wanting to start this journey can see what I’ve gone through and what has worked for me.

Because life is a journey and we don’t have a choice but to take it. It’s how we take it that matters.

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