Filling Time

You fill everything. You woke up this morning with a smile and a “Good Morning Mommy!” and the day became filled with possibility and excitement. What were you going to show me you had learned over the week this time? Who were you going to quote and what toys would we be playing with? What book would suddenly be your new favorite? Or was I looking at another day filled with Dr. Seuss?


You smile and my world becomes filled with light because I’m well aware that you possibly could have not existed. Talk about cars and pirates fill my world with all the wonderful sound I had dreamed of but never assumed would exist.

Suddenly I can’t imagine what I filled my time with before you. It amazes me that I ever thought before you that I had too little time. Because now? Now I know there isn’t enough time in the world to fill and now I choose carefully what I fill the time with because I’m filling your time as well.

It used to be that filling time was a chore. You make filling time a joy.

Thank you.

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