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Again I’m late both for a Friday post and for not really posting for over a month.

Five Minute Friday
Every Friday for 5 minutes members of the blogging community writes on a subject.

We set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind. We don’t worry about grammar, punctuation and whether is looks right or not. We just write because it’s what we love to do.

5 minutes. No proof-reading. No going back to edit. Just write.

Todays subject is Join.


I sometimes find that gaining entry into a community is one of the hardest things to do. Any community really.

Finding Mommy Friends, finding friends in the blogging community, and getting involved in the neighborhood. I always feel as though there’s a roadblock I’m not seeing. I realize that’s likely mostly my insecurities talking, but often I keep myself from commenting or speaking out for fear of saying something that sounds foolish, trivial or like I’m blathering on just to hear or see myself talk. The downside to that behavior? The idea that others form that I’m unapproachable, a lurker, or that I just don’t have much to contribute.

In short I have a fear of being… well… boring.

But all one can do really is to keep trying, keep putting yourself out there and trust that in time you’ll be discovered for the amazing, unique person you really are. Join the fray and keep swimming. It’s a good thing I’m great at treading water.


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