Five Minute Friday – Mess

Five Minute FridayEvery Friday for 5 minutes members of the blogging community writes on a subject.

We set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind. We don’t worry about grammar, punctuation and whether is looks right or not. We just write because it’s what we love to do.

5 minutes. No proof-reading. No going back to edit. Just write.

Today’s subject is Mess


I stop in my tracks as I come out of the bathroom and take in what a few minutes ago had been an empty, made bed. I stare at the mess.

My eyes glance toward the other door and catch a glimpse of a teddy bear leg just barely visible. Closer to the door is a block, followed closely by what appears to be a sock from her room. Slowly I trace the path to the bed, toy cars and Legos. Puzzle pieces and plastic animals. I run my eyes across the barricade of plastic vehicles set up along the edge of the bed, as if to keep everything on the bed in it. And in the middle, oh in the middle. Bright eyes dancing with mischief and button nose barely visible over the covers and small but steady stream of giggles emerging from the pile of stuffed animals heaped on top.

I consider my gamut of options and settle for the only one that would leave a memory worth having for her as I crawl over the barricade as carefully as possible and join the mess with a smile.


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