Five Minute Friday – Nothing

Five Minute FridayEvery Friday for 5 minutes members of the blogging community writes on a subject.

We set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind. We don’t worry about grammar, punctuation and whether is looks right or not. We just write because it’s what we love to do.

5 minutes. No proof-reading. No going back to edit. Just write.

Today’s subject is Nothing


Skye_Minnows_markedNothing compares to the smell of  sun in your hair or the scent of lake water on your skin. The music of your laughter as the boat we’re on bounces in the wake of another craft that just passed us has no comparison. Nothing takes my breath away like the light in your eyes as you look up at me, the butterfly touch of the kiss you steal on my cheek in a lull of the jostling. Nothing warms my heart as much as the repeat kiss being bestowed on the cheek of your Daddy as you nestle yourself between his legs to help him “drive” us across the lake and safely to dock.

Nothing readied me for how the little things would take over my every day, how much you would force me into the now and stop focusing on the could have been and the what might be. Nothing in the world competes with the joy you bring and the love you wrought. Nothing brings out the fierceness in me like you do and I doubt that nothing else ever will. And that makes everything very, very right in my world.


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