Five Minute Friday – Risk

(Originally Posted on the Geek Girl Mommie blog)

A day late is better than not at all right?

Every Friday for 5 minutes the blogging community writes on a subject.

We set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind. We don’t worry about grammar, punctuation and whether is looks right or not. We just write because it’s what we love to do.

5 minutes. No proof-reading. No going back to edit. Just write. Todays subject is Risk.


I stare at a the piece of paper and then at the computer screen wondering what to say, how far to go with it, is there such a thing as sharing too much? Do I care if people don’t like what I have to say? Do I care if someone reads this?

It’s hard to write without wondering at the risk. Every post, every letter, every poem is a piece of me that goes out into the universe. Every word I write has so much potential. The potential to offend, the potential to inspire, the potential to dissuade and the potential to amuse. And every single word is a version of me. How do you write and be true to yourself, find yourself, and not be afraid?

Deep breathes, center the thoughts and just begin.



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