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I’m a little late on my Friday post. A cold has started to visit this house and it didn’t register it was Friday until late last night.

Five Minute FridayEvery Friday for 5 minutes members of the blogging community writes on a subject.

We set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind. We don’t worry about grammar, punctuation and whether is looks right or not. We just write because it’s what we love to do.

5 minutes. No proof-reading. No going back to edit. Just write.

Todays subject is True


This has been the hardest five minutes of writing to start. I like to think that I live my life within the boundaries that are true about me. It’s hard to articulate what that means because there are so many little things that are true about me.

  • I cry at movies and will sometimes skip to the end to see if it ends happily or not.
  • I have a rather impressive collection of books pertaining to ghosts and hauntings.
  • I hate coleslaw.
  • I suffer from a depression that comes and goes but is never gone.
  • Being a mother has only reminded me of who I used to be and who I want to be remembered as.
  • I think this can only be a good thing.
  • I look at web development as speaking a different language.

And all those truths, and the ones that haven’t been unveiled yet, have little stories that made them truths. Maybe it’s time to tell some of them here, in person, on paper and in my heart.


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