Grateful Introspection

(Originally Posted on the Geek Girl Mommie blog)

One of the many amazing things about being human is that we very, very rarely stay the way we are in any given moment. The events that happen in our lives, the people that come in and out of our circles, how we’ve been hurt and how we’ve hurt others. All those things and many others affect who we are the moment they occur and change us for better or for worse. In turn those changes dictate how we live our lives in the very next moments, which again changes us. We’re like one big canvas that is constantly being painted.

It’s a sobering thought to be honest and makes me love everything even more than I did just a moment ago. It’s not perfect, but what is perfect anyway? I don’t think I’ve been more grateful for all the unfortunate things that ever happened. What a fragile existence we live in. What are you grateful for?

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