Kitchen Peace and Magazines

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When Little Lass was born Flyboy and I discussed how we wanted to make her baby food when the time came. Not only would it be a way to save some money but it would also be a labor of love to make sure that the foods that went into her body didn’t come from some factory but from our kitchen using fresh products. We spent quite a bit of time getting all ready for the process. We did research on baby food making systems, comparing them and reading parent reviews. I purchased baby food containers and asked around for the best recipes and books on the subject (again with the books huh?). I scoured the web for websites that would give me the best information. There was just one issue.

Let me be honest. I am a Geek. The only heat I usually generate in one spot is when my brain is working over time on a piece of code. My kitchen and I? We have never really been on friendly terms. Now Flyboy on the other hand has had a very nice working relationship with our kitchen. I have really been quite jealous of it.

But since my daughter has started on solids and I’m the parental unit that’s home every day, my kitchen and I needed to be formally introduced. You know what? My kitchen? It’s a thing of beauty. I’m not kidding either. All the nifty little gadgets we own and all the utensils. It’s a whole room full of toys! I once had a hard time facing our kitchen range without being ready to hide the evidence should I really burn water. Don’t laugh. I once got a baby tree lodge under my car while driving, burning water would be easy for me. I probably wouldn’t even really have to try hard.

I am proud to say that the kitchen has become a room I spend quite a bit of time in and it makes me want to figure out what else I can do. (I am going somewhere with this I swear.)

I’ve discovered a magazine that I’ve fallen in love with named “All You“. As often happens with my magazines, my first copy got left out and Flyboy picked it up. The next thing I know he’s got it open to a page and is flashing it in front of my face with hope written all over his features. What he discovered was a recipe for Curried Deviled Eggs (it can also be found in February 2012 edition of the magazine). Now even when my kitchen and I weren’t on speaking terms there were two things that I could make and make well. I bake a killer spice cake and I have deviled eggs down to an art. So of course when Flyboy saw it in the magazine he really, really wanted me to give it a try. He went weeks mentioning it every other day or so. Then he bought an extra dozen eggs during a shopping trip as a hint. He even went so far as to boil the whole dozen eggs and leave them for me in hopes of lighting a fire under my you-know-what. Well I finally broke down and mixed it all up the other night. I cut up and scooped out the eggs, mixed up the ingredients, and then I took a quick taste just like I do every time so I can make sure I got it right. Suddenly water seemed like a very good idea. Can we say salty? For a few minutes I eyed the mixture and honestly considered scrapping the whole idea. A part of me felt like it would serve him right if, when he tried it, his tongue shriveled up like a snail on a hot sidewalk. But the loving, wifely side of me didn’t want him to suffer if the recipe was just really foul. In the end I spooned it out because there have been times that what he considers yummy I have to steel myself to even consider. I then added the mango chutney to the top of them as instructed and thought I’d try it just one more time. Oh my holy cheesecake in heaven! If you do try this recipe I will let you know now that the mango chutney makes the whole mixture. If you think you can get away without it… well I just dare you. You’ll either be reaching for it quickly or sending someone out to get it because you were fool enough to leave it off the shopping list. I’m not fooling. Trust me on this.

So yes my kitchen and I have peace. My family seems to be better for it and I may have found a new place to stretch my imagination. Have I mentioned lately that I kind of like the changes my daughter is bringing about? At least until she’s a preteen?

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