Late Night Musings – Because I’m Cold Dammit!

lnmI know what you’re thinking. “Are you seriously up?!” You know what I’m answering don’t you? Good. I’d hate to have to say it out loud. Someone might get the idea I’m not a lady with such language.

So yes it’s another night where my brain just won’t stop, and on top of that I’m cold. Those of you that take the time to read this get to suffer what goes on in my head. Ready? No? Too bad… here it comes.

  1. Next week is Thanksgiving. Flyboy has volunteered Spinach Adobo as one of the family dinner offerings. It’s an easy dish, but that’s 4 pounds of spinach and I don’t know how much coconut aminos. Yeesh!
  2. This will mark the second time in so many weeks I’ve brought this dish out for public consumption that wasn’t just the people in this house. My nerves are such that I might throw up the moment someone actually related to my spouse puts some on their plate. I feel like my whole reputation rides on that first bite.
  3. Of course some might say my reputation when it comes to the kitchen has no where to go but up in that arena.
  4. She’s been around for just over 3 years, but I don’t think there will ever be a time that I don’t want to fist-pump the air when Little Lass takes a bite of my cooking and says “Mmmm… Nummy.”
  5. Every time I hear my daughter in another room sing-song, “Why hellooooo….” I cringe in sympathy. I feel for the cat that is the target.
  6. I had a superbly happy moment today and the way my mind works I immediately thought that if this was a WB show, I’d wake up suddenly to find that my little girl and my marriage were all constructs for an experiment. That show would end by the time the pilot was through. My hubby didn’t marry me for my tendency to not take a pound of flesh where a pound of flesh needs to be taken, chewed on, spat out and stomped into submission.
  7. The navigation for this site doesn’t work the way it’s set up. Be ready for a change. As soon as I figure out what that is.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m in a mood. For no good reason at all. Don’t we all have moments like that?

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