Late Night Musings

lnmIt’s amazing what your brain thinks of or remembers late at night. For instance:

  • The person who first figured out that snails were edible (escargot). What, exactly, led them to try that?
  • Everyone warned me to ‘just wait until the Terrible Twos start’ in answer to my being amazed at how even tempered my infant/toddler was. I’m now convinced that that was a distraction from my finding out about the ‘Terroristic Threes.’ (Gee thanks ‘friends.’)
  • A job that I’ve always wondered about? The first person to QA test the first toilet. Who even convinces someone they want that job?
  • Flyboy and I did say we wanted a smart child first and an active one second. If they happened to be cute on top of it so much the better. But seriously universe… there’s ‘smart’ and then there’s ‘can open a pill bottle no adult can get into without thinking about it.’ Oh my nerves.
  • In that same vein I wanted a child with guts. Well… Oi! Get off the top of that easy chair! Now!
  • I really do wish the phase where Little Lass wakes up in the middle of the night crying for Mommy or Daddy will pass quickly. In the mean time I’ll try and bask in being needed, brush the hair out of her face as her eyes slowly re close, her breathing evens out and a small content smile plays on her lips. Yes she’s playing me to keep me around, but at least she’s there to play me at all.

My brain. Getting it to shut down is darn near impossible. I can be pleased that it’s always thinking something vaguely entertaining I suppose.

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