10 Things – Lessons My Daughter is Teaching Me

(Originally Posted on the Geek Girl Mommie blog)

  1. No matter how bad your day is going it can all be made right with a quick snuggle from the person or people that love you most.
  2.  It’s often the simplest of items that are the most fun. Sure the flashy toys are great and all, but give her that box and/or paper and it will keep her busy for hours.
  3.  Patience truly is a virtue and it’s a virtue worth having.
  4.  Charts are great guidelines but they are only guidelines. Milestones will be met when it’s time for them to.
  5.  A clean home doesn’t necessarily mean a happy home. In 20 years people aren’t going to remember you kept a clean house, but they will remember if your children weren’t paid attention to.
  6.  You never know what someone is watching you do. So if you lift a latch on a box and she does it the very next day, don’t be surprised. So live how you’d like them to live.
  7.  Reading can be done at any time. Now if she’s going to sit still long enough or if she’s going to let you keep the book you’re reading to her is a different story.
  8.  I was wrong, Elmo is funny. He is also less annoying than I once thought, but I think that’s just from over exposure.
  9.  Now and forever stories of children being hurt, mistreated or killed will bother me. So will stories of children who are sick or need serious surgery.
  10. Play time is extremely important. Life gets so very tedious and unhappy if play time gets ignored.
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