Let’s Talk About Wine – Secret Identity

Welcome to my first wine post. This is where I put a disclaimer in that tells you that I am not an expert when it comes to wine. I wanted to get that out there in case you were expecting something profound and intellectual. You’re not going to find it here, sorry. I’ll tell you what I thought, and I’ll even tell you what Fly Boy (my husband) thought.

I drink wine. I adore wine. There isn’t a time there isn’t a bottle of wine in the house for me to open. I’d be ashamed of it, except that it really isn’t much more than a hobby. (Spoiler alert, I love whiskey too in much the same way.) I drink what I like and I don’t let the cost stop me normally. Unless we’re talking about over $40 dollars for something I didn’t enjoy at all, in which case more fool me.

The other day I was out and about and went into this little wine shop I’ve noticed a few times. Looking around, I came across this wine that hit all my interest marks.

Fun name – Check. Marketing means a bit to me, it’s part of what I do.

Geeky theme – Check. Hello, comic book reference.

Rosé – Check. I think Rosés, in general, get glossed over more than they should.

It came home.


Wine Facts – It’s a 2016 California Dry Rosé created by Iconic Wine.

My Thoughts – It’s a screw top bottle. Now that doesn’t bother me, but it does seem to really matter to other folks so I’ll mention it when I do these. It appears to be a thing. I have friends that won’t touch a wine if they know it came with a screw top. It does have a lovely color, and the bottle is striking. When I had the first glass there was a grapefruit taste to it that, to me, was very obvious. Now that I’m finishing it up a few days later, it has mellowed considerably. It’s crisp, light, and highly drinkable. It is dry, but not so dry that you reconsider the water sitting near you.

Pairings – I think I’d pair this with a dish that had a rich alfredo sauce, so I might try this again just to see if my thought process isn’t off.

Fly Boy Feedback (also known as the husband test) – “It’s all yours.” He also liked the color and didn’t detect a hint of grapefruit. He’d go for the glass of water. Disclaimer: My husband likes wine coolers and hard ciders. Picky when it comes to wine is putting it mildly.

Keep on Hand? – No, I don’t think so. But that’s more because we have limited space and I’m always trying something new. Right now anything spare has been filled with a stockpile of Apothic Inferno limited run. Once that’s gone, this wine will find its way into my stash again.

Would I Suggest It? – Yes, actually I would.

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