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I am a sushi fanatic and I’m not afraid to admit it. One of the unspoken goals that Flyboy and I have had over the years is to try as many sushi restaurants in town as we can get ourselves into. This has lead us to some really interesting experiences, some were close to 10 and some were not even close to being a one.

Where does Masu Sushi and Robata end up in the scale of 1 – 10? I’m happy to say that it ends up being more like a 15. The sushi ingredients are fresh and of excellent quality. Their offerings range from the standards to the extremely creative, and their drink selections and offerings were fantastic. In my experience the customers who sit at the sushi bar usually get ignored because the wait staff assume that the chefs are taking care of them. I’m really happy to say that wasn’t the case here. The wait staff was friendly and helpful.

The Basics:

Location: 330 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55414. A location is being built at Mall of America, opening date is still unknown.

Affordability: Extremely affordable considering the quality.

Dish Suggestions: I really enjoyed the Tempura Fried Pickles, the Buta No Kakuni (Pork Belly Robata), and the Masu Roll.

The next time that I visit I will be making reservations (by the way they have a reservation system on their web site) so that a table will be available. Other than that I throughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to many future trips and many more delightful discoveries.

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