Reconnecting with Your Heritage

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I am a Mestisa of the Filipino-American persuasion. There are a few things that I know about Filipino women.

  1. Grace defines them.
  2. Beauty surrounds them.
  3. They are quick to anger and slow to cool down.
  4. When they get that way you want to keep low and make no sudden moves.
  5. They love their celebrities.
  6. I haven’t met one of them that couldn’t cook.

Not that that’s all there is to a Filipina, that’s just what comes to mind as I’m writing this post.

Exposure to my Filipino heritage growing up was rather limited to decorations in the house, stories from my mother and food. Oh the food. I can sit in this lovely easy chair, close my eyes and see my mothers cooking. I can smell the pancit, adobo and lumpia in the air. It elicits a happy, nostalgic sigh. I did spend a year being a Filipino Folk Dancer at my high school, which I adored. I come from the same family as the man who wrote the Philippine National Anthem.

That being said my dedication to that side of my racial heritage fell by the wayside when I entered college. Flyboy has been trying to get me to be more interested in it for years, he even went so far to learn how to cook some dishes from my mother. We attend Philippine Day here in town every year, and I tried to be involved with the local FAWN group but it didn’t work out. I’ve watched as many of the younger Filipino kids have forgone the traditional Filipino arts and perform current American music and dancing. I even have a Tagalog language book just waiting for me to start learning my mothers language. As much as these false starts and stops have saddened me, but what was missing still hadn’t really hit home.

But last week I read Cora Cooks Pancit to Little Lass and it got me thinking about what I haven’t been paying attention to and what she might be missing because of it. So I’m making a promise to myself to start reconnecting with what I’ve set aside and find what I haven’t learned yet.

Life is a continuing journey, all that you need to decide on is which paths you follow and how they intersect. Here’s to a brand new path.

Disclaimer: The book link included in this post is an affiliate link.

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