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I’ve been taking some time after the last post trying to decide what route I want this blog to take. Is it a blog about being a mom? Is it a blog about my Paleo Lifestyle journey? Is it a blog about books? Or crafts? Or tech? Or my attempts at writing anything else except a blog post?

So I thought I’d ask around. Talk to some people who run blogs and see how they came up with the theme for theirs. Or didn’t as the case may be.

The answer I got: A blog, from what everyone I’ve mentioned getting this one consistently going to, should be a reflection of an aspect of oneself, or just something that allows you to talk about what you enjoy or love the most. Okay. Pretty straight forward.

So then I asked a few people what they would like to see me talk about. What would a blog I write, in their estimation, consist of?

The answer I got: Being a mom who is both a geek and an adventure seeker. Raising a daughter to be strong and fearless. How the paleo lifestyle has changed and continues to change things for me, including the times I fall off the trail a bit. What books have I read lately. Creative adventures and every day life. Someone wanted me to tell some very personal stories because they felt I had something useful to say. Some want me to just “f***ing write already.” But every one of them wanted me to be myself all the way through it. Apparently they find me entertaining and amusing. (I’m not sure how to take that. I’ll get back to you.)

It appears I’m a much more complex person than I gave myself credit for.

So let’s say that all of the above is true. Then what I’m hearing is that people want me to be me just in blog form. If that’s the case then it’s time to face facts.

This blog is going to be all over the place. There isn’t just one thing I enjoy more than any others, and in any journey there are no experiences that are more important that others. Other than my family there is no one thing or person I love more than others. My interests? They range and meander depending on the day and my energy level. And as for this being a reflection of myself, I change. Constantly. Some times so quickly Fly Boy has to shake his head to clear it and get back with my programming glitches. This is going to a be roller-coaster ride.

So if you’re here you’ll just buckle in or eventually get off the ride.

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