Sunday Morning – A Bigger Picture Blogs Collaboration

(Originally Posted on the Geek Girl Mommie blog)

Every Thursday for two years now, Bigger Picture Blogs followers come together to share the harvest of intentional living by capturing a glimpse of the bigger picture through simple moments.

Today is their two year Birthday and to celebrate blogging and creative duos paired up and together created a celebration piece using a music prompt.

I had the great honor of being paired with Hyacynth at Undercover Mother, and incredible inspiration and our song was Sunday Morning by Ani DiFranco.

Happy, Happy Second Birthday Bigger Picture Blogs!

Song Prompt: Sunday Morning (Ani DiFranco)
Words: Anna
Photos: Hyacynth

Sunday morning was once a time to catch up on all the things a week night wouldn’t allow. House projects that needed extended time to complete, errands to run, coffee purchased on the go just to keep rushing in an effort to be productive. Just another day to pound through. What was this rest that others spoke of? And who had time for it?

But time changes all things and sometimes you get given gifts from the universe to remind you that there are more important things than what tasks one gets done in one day.

Where there was once house projects that needed completion at all costs there are now blocks to stack and puppets to make dance and sing. Coffee runs have given way to tiny fingers stained with wild berry juice, and a stain around a tiny cupid bow shaped mouth to match. Errands have bowed to swim pants, baby pools and books that invariably get forgotten as I get lost in watching my daughter splash while her father laughs. Providing a life for her making way for living life with her in her moments.

My little gift from a never ending universe. Redefining Sunday mornings, just as she has redefined the rest of my world.

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