The Changes Paleo Has Wrought

one_changeSo one Saturday morning Flyboy came in from working third shift and uttered the words that started an amazing amount of change.

“I want to try the Paleo Diet.”

Then I uttered the words that sealed the deal.

“Okay. Let’s do it.”

It’s amazing how two sentences can change everything, especially when it’s backed by actions. The biggest changes in the last half a year so far?

In no particular order:

  1. Soda is gone. Sugar in general really. Of course sweet is hard to be rid of, but honey has become my friend and it goes into almost everything. My coffee, my jam and all sorts of recipes. Yes. Honey is my friend.
  2. The cabinets are bare but the refrigerator isn’t. Our grocery shopping has changed drastically. What used to be carts full of pasta, bread and bottles of pre-made sauce has given way to fresh produce, fresh meats and a really suspicious amount of eggs.
  3. I cook, and I enjoy it. Growing up I spent no real time in the kitchen and it wasn’t for the lack of my mother trying. I just was more interested in my books than I was in cooking. I always found the idea of cooking fascinating, but even after I had my own kitchen I never really spent time in it. That has all changed. Now my kitchen is my favorite room in the house.
  4. I’m learning to punt. Punt, innovate, substitute. Experiment and take chances. No parsnips or fresh rosemary? Oh well I guess carrots and fresh basil it is.
  5. New skills are appearing and being sought out. Things I never thought I’d even find myself doing I do. I made jam for the first time, I make my own ghee, and I tried out our cast iron. Hell folks I use the broiler. I didn’t even know what a broiler was until a couple of months ago. Now I go out of my way to find a challenge every week to master and I’m finding there isn’t much I can’t do. Although paleo mayo? That’s still a pain in the…. knee cap.

I know there are other things I’m missing. Big, sweeping and amazing things. But there’s something reaffirming about recognizing and acknowledging the changes Paleo has wrought.

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