Exploring My Culture Through Food – The Filipino Paleo Project

philippinecookbookSo I’m sure I’ve mentioned it, but I’ll mention it again. I’m Filipino American. A lot of Filipino culture actually revolves around the kitchen. That’s where you’ll find the women and the children fussing, puttering and chatting. It’s always warm and welcoming. I think if you ask most people of Filipino descent they’ll tell you they have tons of memories that have to do with that room in the house.

But growing up cooking just wasn’t on my mind. I was a book geek, and later in life I became a computer geek on top of it. Somewhere along the line I even convinced myself that I didn’t cook because I wasn’t any good at it. I let my brother become the cook and I pigeon holed it into “his thing.” The Paleo lifestyle has shown me just how wrong I actually was.

Of course being a book geek even after all this time, I managed to collect a fair amount of cook books. Not one of which has anything to do with Paleo cooking. I’ve slowly been considering taking them and altering recipes here and there to paleo versions of them. ‘Cause, you know, one challenge at a time is just boring. Which is why I found myself staring at the shelf one day with Flyboys blessing and a whole lot of “rah rah” chatter on his part.

My eyes scanned the shelf and rested on one in particular. When my parents moved to Las Vegas they had to pare down their own collection of cook books and among the ones I took into my home was the book I often found my mother using, “The Philippine Cookbook.” (The book is out of print, but you can find used copies if you look hard enough.) I took it down, dusted it off, and knew this was the book I was going to try this with. Not only would it be an exercise in alterations, but I’d get to explore a culture I had callously put aside for a very different way of life.

And that, folks, is my introduction to my new project. I’ll be posting my version of the recipes on this blog and hope that I do them some sort of justice. Project Filipino Paleo commences….. NOW!

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