Versions Upon Versions

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I wasn’t always a geek. I actually came into my geek life later than most and I hemmed and hawed about it for awhile before I took that first step into it.

New ways of thinking come into play with any change of direction in life.  It’s a change that was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not, it extended into my every day thinking and it happened without it even being noticed.

Almost everyone knows that computer programs come in versions. Any time major changes happen, big bugs are fixed and new bells and whistles are added a company will release it all and add a new version number to the end of the programs name (or give it a new nifty name… ahem… Apple). Each new version is supposedly better than the last and largely that’s true (there are notable exceptions and every geek can name them). Yes there are always bugs and kinks to work out on release but all that comes with company growth and development.

Just this last week I stated to friends that something that occurred was ‘a past as a version of me’. Which, in response, a friend responded “Which one? The ‘I’m cute so you have to like me’ one?” Much poking of fun and teasing ensued, which is what happens when you’re foolish enough to treat sassy, clever, smart-mouthed friends like family. But later it hit me that I really had started to think of myself in the same way as I see software. And, get this, it makes total sense.

Bare with me here:

You’re you and life is going along the way it always has for you. You woke up the same person as the one that had gotten into bed the night before. But slowly little things start to change. Maybe you take a class that expands on your knowledge of something that you job requires or that interests you (bug fix/expansion of functionality). Or maybe you’ve lost weight and so your sense of self-worth and stamina have improved (performance enhancement/new functionality). Or you’ve gotten a new job, gotten a new significant other, gave birth to a child, or lost a love in your life (major change). Suddenly you’re a different you, but you’re a you built on the previous existing you. You’re a version!

All the same response happen when a new version of you appears that happens in the software world with users. You sometimes slip back into old habits (glitch in the programming that sometimes just needs a good restart). Sometimes the changes aren’t for the better (Vista anyone?) and you really need to revert back to the last version (I know this one first hand, I was a complete emotional piece of something something a few years ago… but that’s a different version of me and not one I’ll be revisiting). And sometimes it’s something that’s wrong on the user end. They liked the old you and don’t want this one to stay in place (poor, poor user). Or the new version is so different and getting used to it is too hard for them so they dump you completely or you lock them out. Or they love, love, love the new version with all the shiny interface and clever quirks and so do new people who get exposed to you.

See? Told you it made sense. Once I thought it through I didn’t feel like quite a geeky crazy woman anymore.

At least I’m not referring to myself as iterations yet.

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