What I Love – The Spooky 2020 Edition

I know it’s odd to consider October a time of new beginnings. But everything has been odd for the last 7 months, so why not make this the time that I try again with this blog and see where it goes?

So let’s kick off with a brand new list of things I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with. And since it’s October, it’s pretty much things that are on the spooky spectrum.

“A Warning to the Curious”

As a huge fan of ghostly fiction, M.R. James has always been a go-to. So imagine my surprise to find that I had completely missed a movie of one of my favorites. If you’re into slasher and fast paced horror, then this might be a little too slow for you. If you enjoy a gothic feel to your media however, this is worth the watch.

“Haunted Places: Ghost Stories”

Following down that path of the spooky story, ParCast released a new weekly podcast two weeks ago called “Haunted Places: Ghost Stories.” Narrated by Alastair Murden, the host will take a story written by different authors every week and give them life. So far they have done “The Kit-Bag” by Algernon Blackwood and “The Library Window” by Margaret Oliphant, and both of them were just stunning. To listen and subscribe, search for “Haunted Places: Ghosts Stories” on Spotify or wherever you listen to your podcasts.


Lore Book Series

Okay, so this isn’t new really. It’s more of an “I finally got around to it, but I already knew I was going to love it” thing.  The World of Lore Book Series by Aaron Mahnke is three books, each covering a broad subject (Dreadful Places, Monstrous Creatures, and Wicked Mortals). They by no means cover every place, thing, or one but they are meaty and they don’t disappoint.

Word of warning, he writes in the same way as he delivers his podcasts. So take a listen to those first and see if it appeals to you. Find out more about “Lore” and “Cabinet of Curiosities” on the Grim and Mild website.

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