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What I Love This Week


  1. Apothic Winery – Okay so they aren’t a new thing, but they were new to me. What made me fall in love? This did:
    Why hello sexy wine video. Come here often? I’m married, but I’m sure I can convince my hubby to give you some access. Ahem… okay… enough of that. A bottle came into the house and I took one sip and fell absolutely in love.It’s a limited edition so you know what that means right? That’s right. TRY ALL THE WINES! I’ve now had the White and I’ve been drinking their Crush (which explains my totally uninhibited way of posting right at this moment), and I’ve stayed in love.(Web Techie Note: Their site is gorgeous. I love the Age Gateway they have in place and I shall geek post about them later at my business site Skye High Endeavors. No. I am NOT just a Mommy Wino. I just play one on my personal blog.)
  2. Food Review Shawty – So in my search for the Apothic Winery Inferno video above, I came across this review:
    I then got lost down the YouTube rabbit hole because of this man? He’s wonderful to watch. I love YouTube. I get to watch a fair amount of creepy content and October is my kind of month when it comes to that type of stuff. But, for me, it’s rare to find someone who is genuinely themselves and I laughed in the first minute or so of this review (which may have been the wine, but I doubt it). Check him out if you can.
  3. SCPReadings – I haven’t posted in awhile, so I’m sure you all don’t know I’m a big fan of the creepy. I came across this YouTuber today and I urge you to take a listen. I’ve always liked the SCP Foundation pieces because of their creepiness and otherworldly qualities. She reads them well.

As I said, I’ve been missing a while and my last post was about making a boy cry. Although it wasn’t what it seemed from the title, I found myself wondering where I was going with this blog and how I was going to make people like it. Then I realized it didn’t matter. People will like me or they won’t, life will go on either way.




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