What I Love This Week


  1. The Makeup Tutorial Every Woman/Girl Should See – We’ve all seen them posted and listed. Video tutorials on how to apply makeup just so and for the maximum effect. There’s nothing wrong with them if that’s what you’re into. What caught my eye on this one is that it was being recommended to me by women I know who could care less about all that. Done with humor and grace, this is worth watching. It’s worth your daughters and friends watching as well.
  2. Street Art Made Beautifully – Gorgeous really. Astounding. Utterly disheartening that the technique he uses works so well.
  3. Colorized Historical Photographs – Historical photographs are gateways that allow us a view of what life and events were like for the people before us. You don’t perhaps realize however just how much color makes a difference. Somehow when they become colorized it hits harder, gives one pause to really take it in.
  4. 10 Habits You Should Pick Up From Your Grandmother – The majority of things on this list have become components the new leg my life journey has taken. Some I’ve considered but have worked up the nerve to take on completely. My favorite currently is #2.
  5. Franconia Sculpture Garden – This is more a local list option. This is one of my favorite sculpture gardens. Located in Shafer Minnesota, the garden is a vast expanse of outdoors that not only has what is traditionally considered standing sculptures but sports several interactive sculptures. Bring your kids and dogs (on leash) and explore the grounds. Let the kids climb and explore, and possibly find a few pieces that make you pause and consider. While you’re at it take a side trip and visit Eichtens, their bison sausage is wonderful and their cheeses are well worth the stop.
  6. How is Painting ‘Pornographic’ or ‘Disgusting’? – Now I’m not one to start controversy or to push buttons (although there is something to be said about how just existing and having my own views is enough to do both those things these days), but I have a problem with people who believe their own morals are something they get to impose on everyone. Here is a perfect example of how that sort of thing happens. Listen we, as a society, have some very serious and frank discussions that need to be had about how sexuality is viewed, how a woman’s approach to her own sexuality is accepted, and how we allow a very vocal minority run rough shod all over us and why. Just saying.
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