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love_this_weekThis post almost became just a list of the new Weird Al Yankovic videos that were released all this past week. I remember late Sunday nights, putting my head phones on, and listening to the Dr. Demento Show on my walkman (I just dated myself didn’t I?) until I fell asleep. That’s where I was first introduced to the off the wall creativity that is Weird Al and I’ve been a fan every since. So I’m likely to enjoy anything he puts out there, but I felt like I had to limit it to just the ones I love (you know, in keeping with the weekly topic).

  1. ‘Tacky’ – Now I really, really like ‘Happy’. In fact it’s one of my go to songs for when I need a smile. That only added to my enjoyment of Weird Al’s version. Also Aisha Tyler is in the video and she’s, hands down, one of my favorite comedians.
  2. How to Raise a Girl – This list really speaks to me as a mother with a daughter who has already shown that her interests gravitate more to the fields that are normally not considered “girlie.” I’ve got it printed out and I’ve already read it to myself a few times since then. (Note: Elephant Journal puts a limit of three free articles a day before they ask you to pay for a subscription. Just wanted to put it out there so there were no surprises.)
  3. Alexa Meade – Some people are just so talented it’s hard to wrap you mind around it. In this case this artists paints 3d items (chairs, walls, people) and turns them into 2d images.
  4. ‘Word Crimes’ – This Weird Al video speaks for itself. Honestly, my brain hurts every day.
  5. ‘First World Problems’ – This video actually made me cringe just a little, only because I know some of the things mentioned I’ve seen or even done. Also? Amanda Palmer did back up vocals! Did you hear me? Amanda Palmer did back up vocals. Okay… I’m over it now. (No I’m not.)
  6. Modern-day Amelia Earhart – Same exact flight that her namesake was lost to. Beautifully done.
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