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Craziness descended on my life this past couple of weeks. It was not pretty. It’s also not over, but that’s not for here. As often happens when things go chaotic something had to fall by the way side and that just happened to be this blog. I know… Bad Geek Girl, no mocha! I have been duly punished. Believe me. So the list this week is just a little longer to make up for last week as well.

  1. The Forgotten Book Painter – I don’t advocate destroying books. But if a book must be altered, reconstructed and given a new identity I would say this is a lovely way to see them.
  2. African Dance A to Z – I thoroughly enjoyed this video and would gladly see this group in a performance should it ever happen we are in the same town at the same time.

  3. Shutting Down the “Fake Geek Girl” Myth – I’ve been accused of being a ‘fake geek girl’ in the past and I have to admit, back when I was single, to being confused as to why in the world male geeks think it’s to their advantage to treat people of the opposite sex who share their interests in such an awful manner.
  4. ‘Girl In A Country Song’ – So no  it’s not the best country song I’ve ever heard. But I like the message and the video made me laugh.
  5. Woman in Black – Everyone is intrigued by the odd and the unexplained. This woman falls into that category for certain. She is on a mission, but nobody (including her own family) seems to know what it is yet. Whatever it is I hope she completes it safely.
  6. ‘Night at the Museum’ – I am not a Ben Stiller fan on the whole, but I’ll admit this franchise is one of my guilty pleasures. What can I say? I’m a sucker for that kind of story line and fantasy.
  7. Into the Woods – I remember long ago watching a stage version of this. The trailer looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing it on the screen.
  8. Teaching Kids Not to Share – Now that Little Lass is of an age where sharing starts to be taught, I’ve wondered if giving her an edge of selfishness, where what’s hers is hers and she doesn’t have to share it unless she wants to is a bad thing. I read this through the first time and sat and turned it over in my mind a bit. Then I read it through a second time. Now I’m convinced that it’s not only not a bad thing, but a necessary thing to teach her.
  9. A Bank That Has A Soul – It’s not my bank, but it’s nice to see a business give back and acknowledge their customers as human beings.
  10. The ‘Dragons of Pern’ Movie – This has generated some excitement in my social circle. Yes we know it’s only optioned, and we  know lots of things can go wrong with it. Still, in my opinion it’s way over due.
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