What I Love This Week


  1. How Guys Tried to Pick Up Girls in the 18th Century – An interesting article on the social standards for approaching courtship. It’s hard to imagine a time when all of this wasn’t creepy.
  2. Orlando Jones’ Challenge – I’ve been of two minds on the ASL Ice Bucket challenges. On one hand they’ve fostered awareness and donations, on the other it’s rather cold and I’m glad I haven’t been called to take it on. I’ve always rather like Orlando Jones and have enjoyed watching him in all of the roles he’s taken on. This was done in a classy manner, and one has to appreciate that.
  3. Indigenous– I love love LOVE the style of this organic clothing line. Sleek, comfortable and flowing. Now that I’m starting to revamp my wardrobe, they are definitely on my list.
  4. Kiwi Crate – So awhile back Kayla Aimee posted about how her little girl, Scarlette, was gifted with a year subscription to Kiwi Crate. I had been seeing the ads come across my Facebook feed on and off and wondered about it. After seeing the posts on Kayla’s blog I decided to sign Little Lass up for it.


    It’s a hit.

  5. Be Good to Each Other – Just go look at this comic. How you respond to others does make a difference in the outcome of their lives. Try and remember that.
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