What I Love This Week


It’s another week come and gone, which means another week full of things I’ve seen, experienced or read that have made an impact on me. Every Sunday I try to have a list ready. On this weeks list:

  1. Chris Hemsworth Is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive – Do NOT get me wrong. I am not blind, Mr. Hemsworth is certainly a beautiful specimen of the male gender. I wouldn’t turn that down. Ever. But I’ve always thought a persons brains and sense of humor were what part of what makes them sexy. This is why, even though he is lovely, Thor will lose out to Loki every time. Heck this is why Loki will lose out to Tom Hiddleston every time.
  2. Geeky Adult Underoos – This makes more sense really if you know that years and years ago a friend who I consider like a sister (hereby labeled FIF until or unless she gives me something better should she ever find this) once joked with me that she would wear Wonder Woman Underoos if they were to ever exist. So when she saw this this past week she had to let me know they existed. Now I want a pair. Because they have Harley. That’s all the reason I need. If you think that’s kind of geeky, please re-read the title of this blog.
  3. Squooshi – These have saved my bacon more times than I can count. Reusable with a really good seal, we use ours when out and about for apple sauce and yogurt. They even get used around the house, since we all know how well kids under 5 sit still for long periods of time.
  4. That Chinese Music Video – Can someone explain two things to me? 1) What in the world is that? and 2) Why did it have to be so catchy?
  5. The Wild Kratts – My daughter loves these guys so much. Heck she’d run off to join them if they would just let her drive that turtle they ride around in.
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