What I Love This Week


  1. 13 Real Live Haunted Houses and the Stories That Go With Them – As already mentioned I have a thing for the macabre and the creepy. This qualifies. Besides that the photography looks amazing. (Hint hint to those that need it. This book has a spot waiting in my collection.)
  2. When Children Sleep, Their Teddy Bears Protect Them – In Little Lasses case her teddy bear, his hounds and his mermaid companion.
  3. Horror Movie Daycare
  4. Philip Jackson Sculpture Site – Both haunting and majestic, these sculptures have a life all their own in every line and shadow.
  5. 23 Artists Recreate Family Photos for a Birthday Gift – Now this man is up for possibly the sweetest husband on the planet. (Except for mine of course.)
  6. 10 Things That Are Awesome About Toddlers – And of course there are more than 10. But this is a really good start.
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