What I Love This Week


  1. Morteth Hastur – I’m a huge fan of Welcome to Night Vale. If you haven’t checked out their podcast, and you like your fiction just a little odd and dark, you should. Done in the style of a community radio show, their weather segment is always original music submitted to them just for this purpose. The style is never consistent, and it’s really fun to hear what they’ve selected and gauge my response. This is where I found Morteth Hastur, and “Ruins” would be the first time that a weather song caught me on the first notes. A SoundCloud account has been opened for the music as well.
  2. The Paris Horror Show – This was absolutely fascinating as well as… well… horrible. I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that, if gruesome horror movies have a following, a live version of such a thing would draw a crowd.
  3. Stunning 2200-Year-Old Mosaics Discovered in Ancient Greek City – New fact about me. I at one time wanted to be an archeologist. I decided in the end that a career in academia wasn’t really for me. And I burn like an ant under a magnifying glass. That also might have had something to do with that decision. But the love is still there, and so items like this make me happy.
  4. 10 Easy Art Therapy Techniques To Help You De-Stress – De-Stressing is a major part of being a human being these days. These are 10 excellent ways to do so using art therapy. I myself have a coloring book full of mandalas I pull out on occasion. I hope you find something that will help you.
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