What I’m Loving This Week and 31 Days

Well actually it’s the last several months since I’ve just been getting back into posting. We won’t dwell on the whys and wherefores of that at the moment.

1. Welcome of Night Vale

(image credit Common Place Books)

One day on Twitter a post came through that peaked my interest. She mentioned a podcast called Welcome to Night Vale and so, of course, I went to take a quick listen. Which lead to a long listen, which lead to subscribing, which lead to downloading all the past episodes, which lead to my listening to it to and from work in the car, and of course I’m hooked and becoming quite the Cecil fan. You want to listen to this. Really.

2. A Commonplace Book of the Weird

Of course if you’re like me when something hooks you, you’re curious about the people behind your new addiction. In the case of Welcome to Night Vale (honestly, how often can I link to one podcast in one post?) that would be Commonplace Books. Here folks is where I spiraled out of control for just a moment and you get to know a weird little fact about me. I’m an H.P. Lovecraft fan. I’m completely fascinated by the Cuthulu Mythos and was shocked when I realized the places he uses in his stories were real towns (another tale for another time). So when I read through the descriptions of the books they offered and that a book titled A Commonplace Book of the Weird: The Untold Stories of H.P. Lovecraft¬†¬† … Well… Kindle edition here I come! I’m enjoying it immensely.

3. The Haunted Hikikomori

One day on Twitter I got a notice of a follow by Lawrence Pearce. (Before you click on that link make sure that you have given yourself a few hours. You’ll need it. Oh… and some of the stories? Not Safe For Work.) I don’t know why he decided to follow me and I’m perfectly fine with never knowing because the man is a talent I would never have wanted to miss. His writing has a lyrical and haunting quality that often leaves me in complete awe and reverence. I’m still in the middle of reading the Kindle edition of his latest book, but it’s every bit as haunting and slightly uncomfortable as much of his work is. I intend to make this my first book review on the blog. Have I mentioned it’s in the workings to make it a movie? I will be definitely standing in that line when it opens. Lawrence has since left the social media/internet world behind for his own sanity. But should you read this Mr. Pearce, I miss seeing your name cross my feed.

And now that I have, hopefully, given you a new thing to explore. I’d like to bring up a challenge I’ve decided to join. Enter 31 Days.

31daysThe Challenge? I pick a topic to write about and, starting October 1st, every day I write a post on the topic. This is my first year and it’s huge challenge, but this might just be the kick start I need. My topic? 31 Days of Creative Endeavor. I’m not going to limit the creation mediums, the idea is just to create something every day. This could be amazing.

(Note: The book links above are Associate links. My opinions are my own and I have received no payment of any kind for my endorsements.)

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